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Marsella Driveways are the Best Investment for your Hard-Earned Money.

We realize that you have a lot of choices when it comes to driveways. That’s why you need to take the time to explore all your options; then you’ll understand why local homeowners and farmers in Central Minnesota choose Marsella gravel driveways.

After 30-years’ engineering and installing gravel driveways, we have the process down to an art. Our gravel driveways last longer because we apply the proper materials correctly and design each driveway to overcome the inherent weaknesses of the natural terrain.

Marsella Sand & Gravel, LLC driveways are engineered for longevity and are your best overall investment; for a durable driveway that will last for years, without breaking the bank. You’ll be dealing directly with Chuck Poirier from start to finish, no middleman. Just give Chuck a call at (612) 685-0132 or fill out the form below and click Submit to send us an Email.

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