So, you need a new driveway to withstand MN weather?

Choose carefully!

Concrete driveways are extremely expensive; they pit, chip, heave with frost, and eventually crack.

Asphalt driveways are moderately expensive; they develop potholes, crack, soften and break down.

Gravel driveways are economical; they can last many years and are easy and affordable to resurface.

Gravel Driveway

Why Central MN homeowners and farmers choose Marsella gravel driveways?

  1. Marsella Sand & Gravel, LLC driveways are engineered for longevity; that’s why they last so long!
  2. Marsella driveways have the correct drainage pitch, which improves the durability and greatly extends the life of the driveway.
  3. Marsella uses the proper base, roadbed and compaction for each job; not just whatever material is cheap to buy and haul at the time.
  4. Marsella driveways are a thing of beauty, they take pride in every detail of their workmanship and it shows in their finished work.
  5. Marsella Sand & Gravel, LLC specializes in driveways, is fully insured, and Dept. of Transportation compliant.
  6. Marsella doesn’t inflate their delivery charges to make up for their low cost per ton, like many other haulers do.
  7. Marsella driveways will always be the best bargain for your hard-earned dollar.

How is Marsella Sand & Gravel, LLC different from other driveway installers?

  • You deal directly with Chuck Poirier from start to finish, no middleman.
  • Chuck is personable and easy to talk to (not to mention, just down-right friendly).
  • Quotes are free, with no pressure or obligation, just the factual information you need.
  • Chuck has over 30-years’ experience engineering and installing gravel driveways.
  • Chuck cares about the details and the quality of the job, plus having satisfied customers.
  • Chuck has great Google reviews and his continued success depends on your satisfaction.
Marsella Sand & Gravel owner

What other services does Marsella Sand and Gravel, LLC offer?

  • Hauling of Gravel, Crushed Concrete, Class 5, Boulders, River Rock, and Washed Sand for volleyball courts, playgrounds and pool bases. (Loads as small as ½ yard).
  • Driveway installs, repairs and resurfacing: including road grading, bobcat work, and excavation.
  • Installing gravel parking lots, machine shed pads, driveway pads, turnarounds and driveway loops.
  • Roads for campgrounds, pond excavation, fire pits, boulder walls, berms and culverts.
  • Grading for solar fields, utility company roads, electrical substations, and transfer station pads.
Boulder wall

Make the right choice for your driveway.
Call Marsella Sand & Gravel, LLC today! (612) 685-0132


Katy Sandvig

Very impressive company! I highly recommend Marsella Sand & Gravel. Chuck was professional, had answers to all our questions and concerns.

Cody Schulte

Great service and awesome work. Chuck was very professional and prompt at installing my crushed concrete driveway.

Sally McClure

We're so happy we had our driveway done by Chuck at Marsella Sand and Gravel! It looks great, the price was very reasonable, and Chuck is the nicest guy to work with! Highly recommended.

Terry Hakes

Excellent job done on our new gravel driveway. Very responsive, and kept me updated when he would arrive and do the work. Great price. Very friendly and respectful. I would highly recommend.

Judith Sibert

Put in a shed and trailer parking area for us. He was on time and gave us a fair price. Super nice and the work was fabulous!